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Welcome to Wolfie's Website!

13 Months of Fun!

Wolfie weighs about 28 pounds now - good thing his walking is getting better and better, because it's getting harder and harder to carry him around!

We're still waiting eagerly to hear him use English words to communicate. He seems to understand almost everything we say and he'll talk your ear off, it's just not anything we can understand! How I long to hear 'mama' - he only makes the M sound now when he's crying.

Wolfie LOVES to play the drums!! These pics were taken a couple weeks ago. His father holds him on his lap but Wolfie hold the sticks and hits the skins! He even has his own little 'drummer' face that he makes. Wolfie's latest accomplishments are clapping his hands and pulling toy string-pulls. He's amazed and delighted when the toy 'talks' back to him. He's also showing more of an interest in his books - even if it is just turning the pages faster than anyone can possibly read them.

He's so mobile now, too, it's hard to stop him long enough to give him a good hug - I try but he's not always very pleased with me afterwards. I really miss the days of cuddling! We stay so busy chasing after him - the only time we get anything done is when he sleeps, which is still (lucky for us) very often - 12 hours at night & 2 daytime naps! Yes, we know we are truly blessed!

Be sure to check out the new 'One Year' page to see Wolfie at his birthday best!



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