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Journal 2004
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Wolfie at 14 Months
Wolfie at One
Wolf's 1st Year
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Wolfie at 14 Months

Go Wolfie Go!

At 14 months, Wolfie's still weighing in about 28 pounds but somehow it feels heavier especially when you pick him up more than once. And lately he likes to be picked up a lot!

This month I had to follow him around to snap a good 14 month picture because Wolfie is NON-stop. We wound up having a fun little adventure all around the house and those photos (below) give a pretty realistic impression of Life with Wolfie.

I never imagined my motherly definition of fun being to follow a little person up, down and around the house, catering to his every whim. But take just look into Wolfie's face and tell me if you could deny him anything!

First, Wolfie tries to grab the camera but I manage to distract him. (still only 6 teeth)
Then it's off to the kitchen to beat on a stool with a wrapping paper core.
Next it's time to climb the stairs - going up is the easy part!
Hmm, let's see what can I get my little paws on in Papa's studio?
Back down stairs, look who's almost tall enough to open doors by himself!
My own little "Poltergeist" - - - 'They're here.'
My choice for the 'winning' 14 month picture - my big little boy!

Papa's choice - although I love his sweet little face in this one too.