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Journal 2004
Wolf 15 & 16
Wolfie at 14 Months
Wolfie at One
Wolf's 1st Year
Favorite Pics
15 & 16 Month Update

Wolfie is getting even harder to keep up with!

On his 16 month 'birthday' I finally heard the words I've been so longing to hear - "Mama!" (Of course, he had already been saying 'Papa' for several weeks and he teased me often by giving me a sly little grin and saying Papa whenever I asked him to say Mama, but that's all over with now!) Today, we're having quite a hard time keeping up with all of Wolfie's words - it seems like he adds a dozen or so every day! It seems like he won't say a word if he doesn't thoroughly understand what it means though. And once he does, watch out! He must says cereal 50 times every morning while he's eating his breakfast.

At his 15 month appointment, he weighed 29 lbs. 9 oz. and measured 34" - both in the 97th percentile. He's still a big boy!

He loves to go outside at every opportunity and gets quite upset when we can't accomodate him. But thankfully he still hasn't figured out how to open doors for himself - yet.

15 Months
and still adorable, if I do say so myself!
16 Months
My handsome young man!
Sooooooo Big!
Safety First! Wolfie loves bikes rides with Papa.
Wolfie loves to read books.

Of course TV is nice too!

The most recent pic - just 10 days away from 17 months!